AsiaBSDCon 2020 Online Registration

Hello, this is online registration page for AsiaBSDCon 2020.


  1. Check Conference Program, and then press "Registration Form" button below and enter your information first. That page is operated by our travel agency, JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. This registration covers tutorial sessions in the first two days and paper sessions in the last two days.

    If you have difficulty to enter your information, please contact

  2. You will get a registration identification number. Your registration information can be changed by revisiting the Registration Form.

  3. More meetings are planned in the first two days. Please contact the organizer listed in the conference program if you want to join.

Privacy Policy

  1. Your submitted personal information via online registration pages which can be reached from this page will be handled by BSD Research, led by Hiroki Sato <>, and JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. We use it only for sending announcements and arrangement of AsiaBSDCon and future conferences sponsored by BSD Research, not for purposes that have nothing to do with them.

  2. During the conference the Committee will take a photo and/or do a video recording in the venue without notice and they may include your face. They may be published on the official web site and/or other media such as a magazine without your permission on and/or after AsiaBSDCon. Note that the photo and the video which may include your face will be used for promotion of AsiaBSDCon only, not for other irrelevant purposes.

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